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Saturday 27th April open 9.30am to 3.30pm
Saturday 27th April open 9.30am to 3.30pm

Artisan Grains Greenwheat Freekeh 200g

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Greenwheat Freekeh is a variety of delicious, highly nutritious grain made from young wheat harvested at their nutritional peak and then lightly toasted and cracked. The nutty taste and wholesome texture of the grains make Freekeh a flavourful alternative to rice, couscous and bulgur wheat.

This cracked variety of Freekeh is whole grain kernels that have been splintered into smaller pieces to provide a faster cooking time – leading to a different texture and taste in comparison to whole grain freekeh.


100% Cracked Greenwheat Freekeh from green Durum Wheat 

Dietary Information 

This product is Vegan

Nutritional Information 

Typical composition per 100g:
- Kcal: 347g
- Protein: 18.5g
- Carbohydrate: 63.5g
- Sugars: 2.9g
- Fat: 4.3g
- Saturates: 0.8g
- Fibre: 10.9g