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Loofah Soap Rest

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Made from sustainably sourced loofah plants, this Ecoliving Loofah Soap Rest is perfect for keeping your solid soap and shampoo bars clean and dry. This can help prolong the life of your solid soaps and keeps your sink or bath cleaner too.

Using natural loofah is a brilliant alternative to plastic and ensures this pad is eco-friendly, biodegradable and Vegan. As well as a soap rest, this loofah pad also works brilliantly as a natural exfoliator, encouraging blood flow and leaving your skin soft and smooth. Size: 8 x 10cm

  • Made from sustainably sourced loofah plants
  • Plastic-free and eco-friendly
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Prolongs the life of your solid shampoo and soap bars
  • Also works as a great natural exfoliator
  • Vegan