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Eco Vibe Natural Compostable Sponge Scourers

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100% NATURAL, ECO-FRIENDLY & MULTI-PURPOSE SPONGE SCOURERS - Our Ecovibe sponge scourers offer an environmentally friendly and all in one solution to cleaning up. This duo pack contains two different types of scourers, one made from sisal cactus fibre (for everyday scouring) and the other is made from loofah plant layers (for tougher scrubbing power). Includes 2x sponge scourers. Each sponge scourer features two distinct sides, a sponge side made from 100% cellulose and a natural scourer side.

SUPER ABSORBENT & NON-SCRATCH MATERIAL - Each sponge scourer is highly absorbent and able to retain up to 10x its weight in water, and last through many tough cleaning jobs. The non-scratch material makes it perfect for doing the dishes, cleaning bathroom surfaces, wiping down kitchen countertops or cleaning all around the house!

WASHABLE, REUSABLE & LONG-LASTING - Ecovibe sponge scourers are built to be re-used over and over again. Each pack includes 2 sponge scourers which can withstand many tough cleaning jobs, while still staying clean and hygienic. To help keep clean, keep your sponge as dry as possible between uses. Our sponges can also be sterilised by soaking in boiling water, heating in the microwave or popping in the dishwasher with a drying cycle.

NON-TOXIC & BPA FREE - Created using 100% plastic-free, compostable, and biodegradable materials, our sponge scourers offer a high-quality alternative to standard sponges which are usually made from harmful plastics and filled with chemicals that can damage the environment.